Testing Your Website for Conversion Optimization

Website Testing

In my last post, I taught the various elements of website and landing page design. The next important thing to do is testing your website for conversion optimization. This is a process of determining how, and in what order, your web design elements should be presented. The different presentations and design philosophies you employ will … Read more

The Differences Between Your Website and Landing Pages

Websites and landing pages

Understanding Sales Funnels Before discussing the difference between your website and landing pages, you should understand the concept of online sales funnels.  An Online Sales Funnel is the process you create to attract visitors, turn them into leads, and convert them into customers. As such, your Sales Funnel has three core stages: Lead Generation – … Read more

Setting Goals for Your Website

Setting Goals

The Need for Goals Setting goals for your website is essential. A well-designed and beautiful website is a nice thing to have. It can draw users to your website, and – through aesthetics – reward them for their time. However, your website’s purpose should be more than to entertain or to please the eye. As … Read more