Crafting An Instagram Content Strategy

Instagram Content Strategy

A Long Term vs. Short Term Instagram Content Strategy Instagram is a platform based on sharing. It lends itself well to attributed sharing and upgrading of content. With that in mind, a good Instagram content strategy has two elements: a short-term strategy and a long term strategy.  A good long-term Instagram content strategy is based … Read more

Instagram Marketing in 6 Easy Steps

instagram marketing

Why Instagram Marketing is Such a Big Opportunity Instagram’s Reach Instagram marketing represents a massive opportunity for small and medium sized businesses. Instagram has much in common with Facebook. Facebook boasts about 1.3 Billion users, while Instagram just passed the 1 Billion user mark in June 2018 – roughly two years prior to publication of … Read more

Facebook Group Marketing

Facebook Group Marketing

Why You Should Use Facebook Groups In addition to your Facebook Page, the Facebook Group feature is another powerful, free Facebook marketing tool. Having a group allows you to more consistently reach a very targeted set of people who have already shown significant interest in your brand, product, or service. Because of the constant changes … Read more