Customer Feedback: Your Key To Increased Revenue?

Customer Feedback

Last week we talked about Reputation Management, and I pounded into your head the fact that Reputation Management starts with great customer service, and collecting customer feedback. Today we’re going to dive deeper into that idea. We’ll talk about how customer relationships work, from a high level. Then we’re going to talk about how you … Read more

Do You Wish Google Would Actually Show Your Business? “Google My Business” Can Help

Google My Business

Are You a Local Business Owner Who’s Struggled to Gain Traction Online? Google My Business (GMB) is an often-overlooked, but powerful tool for local businesses. If you’ve been struggling to gain traction online; if you’ve tried SEO, Social Media Marketing, Facebook Ads, etc. and you’re still not getting a steady flow of new customers, Google … Read more

Google My Business: Do You Need It?

Google My Business

What is Google My Business? Simply put, Google My Business is a platform that allows you to host a Business Profile containing information such as your business’s phone number, physical address, hours of operation, etc. It allows you to show up in local searches and it provides this for free. How does Google My Business … Read more