Social Media Tagging: Growing Your Connections

What Is Tagging?

Social Media tagging allow users to engage with one another and with business or organizational accounts. When you tag someone on many Social Media platforms, the person (or business) that you tag is notified – guaranteeing, to some extent, that whoever you tag will see your post.

When Should You Tag People?

This can be a powerful marketing tactic – to get your posts in front of the right people. However, because of its inherent power, it should also be used very sparingly. Being tagged in irrelevant posts, or posts that are obviously trying to get something from you, can be quite annoying. Instead, when you tag something ensure that you are doing it for the right reason.

A few “right” reasons might include:

  • You are quoting or re-posting from them and want to give proper attribution
  • You genuinely believe that your content will be beneficial to them
  • After using their service or product, you want to provide feedback that they will see
  • In order to provide a direct, if public, message of appreciation

For example, it would be totally appropriate to tag a photographer who did a photo shoot for your anniversary party. It would be less appropriate to tag a random photographer because you have a sale on cameras, and are hoping that they will buy one.

Relevancy is key, when tagging. People should be appreciative and glad to have been tagged by you. They should not be rolling their eyes, or Googling how to block you!

So How Do You Tag People?


  1. Click the [+] button to create a post, as usual
  2. Select your picture and filter
  3. On the “Caption” screen, add your caption as desired
  4. Click Tag People
  5. Top on the photo where you want to add the tag
  6. When the search bar appears, search for the person you want to tag, and tap on their name
  7. Click Done to share the window
  8. Click Share to share your photo

Facebook and Twitter

Tagging in Facebook and Twitter is extremely simple. Simply use the ‘@’ sign, followed by the person’s account name. In Twitter, you can also tag people in photos. To do this:

  1. Select the photo or image you want to use
  2. Select “Who’s In This Photo”
  3. Search for the person and then select them from the list
  4. Select “Done” in the top right-hand corner

In Conclusion

Tagging can be a powerful way to reach out to people on Social Media. Like any good tool, it should be used carefully and only when needed. Remember to focus on relevancy. Use tagging as a way to give value, rather than as a way to try to get value from others. As you tag tactfully, you can grow your online network and create meaningful connections with other like-minded individuals and businesses.