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I want to shout about my amazing experience!

Thank you for following up with us and then creating a marketing plan for my business.

-  Todd Lamoreaux, Q'ed Up Entertainment

How We Help Our Clients

HeRose, the Men's Mastermind

Email Marketing, Copy-Editing, and
Marketing Consultation

HeRose is a men's group that boasts a focus on improving "the whole man". If their members' results are anything to go by, it works!

We've been so excited to work with HeRose founders Sammy and Brandon. In addition to running their weekly e-newsletter, we provide guidance on all-thing-marketing: from SEO to Blogging, to Ads, to Branding, to Web Design.

Coradors Financial Services

SEO-Focused Website Build

When Corby Hansen came to us, his website looked like it was made in 2003. You would never guess that he's one of the most successful and impactful Financial Services professionals in the United States!

We worked with Corby and his team to put together a sleek, modern, SEO-focused website that reflects his unique brand personality.

Best of all, the website helps him attract more clients who are able to benefit from his outstanding service and care.


Q'ed Up Entertainment

Website, SEO, and Facebook Marketing

Q'ed Up Entertainment is a premier entertainment provider in northern Utah. They do everything from disco, to bars, to high-class weddings. And their clients absolutely love them!

When owner Todd Lamoreaux first reached out to us, his business was already thriving, but he had one problem: he didn't have a website. In fact, he didn't have ANY online representation! And he thought that he was probably missing out on an opportunity to reach a much larger market.

After an in-depth conversation with Todd and his wife Colleen, we put together a strategy to establish his online presence, get into 100,00's of potential clients, and get some early win with highly-targeted (and re-targeted) Facebook Ads campaigns

After only 2 weeks, we were able to get him from a 50+ Google Ranking to the top 20, and it only continued to grow from there!


Powell Weddings and Events

Website and Marketing Consultation

Russ and Morgan Powell are truly a power-duo. Russ is a top-rated, top-of-the-line wedding DJ and MC; Morgan is an award-winning wedding photographer.

When it comes to mixing class, elegance, and entertainment, Powell Weddings and Events simply cannot be beat. From the Rocky Mountains, to the beaches of Hawai'i, Russ and Morgan are the best!

We were absolutely thrilled to be able to work with Russ and Morgan and put together a website and SEO strategy that reflects their unique services.

On an ongoing basis we consult for the Powell's on all-things Online Marketing. From Social Media, to SEO, to vlogging; and we wouldn't have it any other way!


Are Your Ready To Take Your Business to the Next Level?

If your business is struggling, then you've probably been all over the internet looking for solutions. You know that Online Marketing can help you grow, but it just seems too risky; maybe you've even tried it in the past, or hired some "SEO Expert", and it didn't go anywhere. It just seemed like a waste of money.

At Epowet Digital Services, we do things a little differently.

Getting started with us is easy and once you're on board, you'll always know what's going on. Over time, we're going to:

  • Establish a strong online presence that attracts new clients by building a SEO-friendly website that shows off your unique brand
  • Get you in front of 100,000's of potential clients by building and implementing a strong, local-centric Google Rankings strategy
  • Show off your amazing customer service by showcasing, promoting, and growing your online reputation
  • Help you convert prospects into customers by keeping touch and continuing to offer them value
  • Explode your Social Media by posting content that attracts and engages your core audience
  • Directly attract new clients with highly-targeted and highly-effective online ads
  • And, best of all, we provide constant reporting and analytics so that you'll always know what's going on, how our campaigns and strategies are working, and what the next steps are!

Stop struggling, and start thriving. Click the button below to reach out, and we'll schedule a Free Consultation to see where your business is now, where you want it to be, and how we can get you there!