Online Sales Funnels: A Guide for I.T. Service Companies and MSPs

If you’re not using an Online Sales Funnel, then finding new clients can be difficult. Perhaps, if you’re lucky, you have a few sales reps that are going out and trying to sell your services. If you’re not lucky, you may be stuck cold-calling, or even going door-to-door in your local business park. Maybe you’ve tried some online marketing, or paid for expensive SEO, but you never really got results.

That’s not a fun place to be. If you’re there, you’re probably starting to feel pretty frustrated with the situation, and with your inability to get clients on a regular basis. You might feel like whatever you try, it’s just not getting the results you want.

Well, I have good news for you. In this blog post, I’m going to show you:

  • Why your current online marketing solutions may not be working, and how to fix it
  • How you can get more clients online by optimizing your online sales funnel
  • How you can turn these marketing losses into great, big wins

First-Things-First: A Quick Guide to Online Sales Funnels

Your Online Sales Funnel is comprised of various elements. These include: traffic-capture methods, landing pages, and the follow-up mechanisms that you use while trying to sell your services.

The goal of any Online Sales Funnel is to capture traffic, move that traffic through the buying cycle stages, and complete a revenue-generating opportunity. But only good Sales Funnels actually manage to do that. You see, it’s natural to have customers fall out of your funnel at each step – but with a bad sales funnel it’s possible to lose most, if not all, of them.

You don’t want that. And the first step to creating a great funnel, is understanding how your funnels work.

There are three core stages of an online sales funnel:

  1. Lead Generation – attracting your ideal clients, and guiding them to your landing page
  2. Lead Nurturing – continuously providing genuine value and establishing yourself as an expert in the I.T. space
  3. Converting Leads into Clients – earning the business of your leads

Is This What Your Online Sales Funnel Looks Like?

I hope not! However, this is what many sales funnels look like:

A Bad Online Sales Funnel  for healthcare providers

There are several problems with this Online Sales Funnel. It…

  1. Limits the amount of traffic it can get, because it’s only using 2 traffic capture methods!
  2. Fails to offer the visitor any value; instead it sends the visitor to the provider’s homepage (never do this!)
  3. Confuses visitors and encourages them to leave because it fails to guide them through the sales process

Above all, remember: Sending sales traffic to your homepage is the worst thing you can do.

Is it any wonder that this sales funnel is failing to convert visitors into customers? From the visitor’s side, here’s what’s happening:

  1. They’re seeing the I.T. company show up in search results! Awesome!
  2. After clicking the link, they go straight to the home page…
  3. If you’re lucky, they’ll scroll down or even click around before leaving … but they will leave

Now let’s take a look at how to make it better…

Simplify Your Funnel to Drive Sales!

What you see here…

A good online sales funnel for healthcare providers

is much more effective. Why? Because:

  1. The company is getting a lot more traffic, by using a variety of different traffic capture methods
  2. Visitors know exactly what to do because the landing page is clear and focused. They know exactly what they’re getting and what they need to do to get it
  3. There are a lot more conversions because the visitors have been carefully guided through the processes with no distractions or confusion

See, the idea here is to have the least amount of resistance possible between your visitors and a conversion opportunity.

Now you might be wondering where your homepage plays into all of this, and the answer is that it doesn’t. Yes, you need a website that is clear, informative, and useful. However, your website is meant for people who already know you exist, and just want to learn more information.

We’ll address Landing Pages in a future post. But for now, suffice it to say that your business’s main website is not a part of your online sales funnel.

Your entire marketing strategy should be built around creating and optimizing your online sales funnels!

What Does Your Funnel Look Like?

Is your funnel a good funnel, or a bad funnel? If it’s bad, we can help with that. Working with I.T. Service Companies, MSP’s, and Telecommunications Providers is what we do! We’ve helped our clients, all over the U.S., to build focused, effective funnels that could be repeated again and again.

We can do that for you too!

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