Understanding Your Online Sales Funnel

Understanding Online Sales Funnels

An Online Sales Funnel is comprised of the various traffic-capture methods, landing pages, and follow-up mechanisms that you employ while trying to sell a product or service.

The goal of any Online Sales Funnel is to capture traffic, move that traffic through the buying cycle stages, and complete a revenue-generating opportunity.

As such, there are three core stages of an online sales funnel:

  1. Lead Generation – attracting your ideal clients, and guiding them to your landing page
  2. Lead Nurturing – continuously providing genuine value and establishing yourself as an authority in your field
  3. Converting Leads into Clients – earning the business of your leads

A Bad Online Sales Funnel

Here’s an example of an online sales funnel done wrong:

A Bad Online Sales Funnel  for healthcare providers

This funnel uses only two traffic capturing methods : Search Engine Optimization and Print Advertising. Then it sends the visitor to the provider’s homepage. 

Their website has the correct structure, but it doesn’t guide the visitor through the process. Visitors are left to just wander around with the organization hoping that eventually they’ll call or schedule a consultation.

In terms of lead capturing, sending traffic to your homepage is just about the worst thing you can do.

A Good Online Sales Funnel

What you see here…

A good online sales funnel for healthcare providers

is much more effective. There are several traffic capturing methods that all lead to a specific landing page.

That landing page then offers a free consultation (in this example) which could lead to a revenue-generating opportunity.

The idea here is to have the least amount of resistance possible between your visitors and a scheduling opportunity.

Your entire marketing strategy should be built around creating and optimizing effective online sales funnels.

Now you might be wondering where your main website plays into all of this, and the answer is that it doesn’t. Yes, you need a website that is clear, informative, and useful. However, your website is meant for people who already know you exist, and just want to learn more information.

We’ll address Landing Pages in a future post. But for now, suffice it to say that your business’s main website is not a part of your online sales funnel.

In Conclusion

If there’s anything that you feel like maybe we didn’t go deep enough here, or even overlooked, please feel reach out to us. And, of course, if you feel like we can help you in your online marketing efforts, we would love to hear from you. You can reach us at www.epowet.com/contact or hello@epowet.com.

To learn more about Online Sales Funnels, check out our short presentation at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8n31DvE7Ztc.