Post Boost on Facebook

The Purpose of a Paid Post Boost

In this post we’re going to talk about the power of a post boost on Facebook.

In other posts, I’ve talked a lot about the different free and collaborative ways that you can promote your Facebook page. I’ve talked about your page’s design, about the type of content you should post, incentivizing your fans to share, and creating partnerships

With this post, we’ll begin getting into the paid options for promoting your business on Facebook. 

Why I Recommend Boosting a Facebook Post

A paid post boost is one way that you can promote your actual page, and the ultimate purpose of boosting your post is to gain new fans of your page from a wider audience base.

Most beginners get most of their fans from their friends and family and from their friends and family. For most people that does not represent a very wide range of people – demographically or geographically and it provides virtually no useful data on the common interests of your fans. Even as you join groups and post content, it is very difficult to quickly scale your Facebook presence organically. 

However, with a paid post boost, you have the opportunity to reach a much wider audience; and the fans that you gain from a post boost are more likely to Like your page because they have an interest in your product or service, rather than because they know you personally and want to support you. 

The data that you get from these new fans will be much more valuable in helping you create targeted campaigns going forward. This higher level of profiling, along with better content management and targeting will inevitably lead to much more content visibility, and this, in turn, will increase your engagement – more people will share and like your content, you will get more comments, more clicks through to your website, more eyes on your promotions, etc.

Preparing for a Paid Post Boost Campaign

Before buying a post boost, you want to make sure that your page is ready. It should look professional – it should match the industry standards while also differing enough to set you apart in a positive way. 

You should also make sure that you have a decent amount of high-quality content on your page that prospective fans will find useful and engaging. You need to make it worth it for them to Like your page, and assuage any fears they may have about you spamming them with useless or low-quality content. Your new viewers should feel confident and excited by what they see, and when they ask themselves if they should Like your page, their answer should be “Hell yes!”.

Getting Started

Unfortunately you will not see the benefits of a paid post boost overnight. I recommend that you start with a low buy in – start around $20 USD or so. You should also experiment constantly with the types of posts you boost and the audience that you target. 

As you continue to experiment over time, you will be able to narrow down the types of posts and targeting that work best, and your paid post boosts will grow in their effectiveness.

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