Facebook Page: Designing and Marketing

Why You Need to Focus on Your Facebook Page

Your Business Facebook Page is the easiest and most obvious way that you can get started with Facebook Marketing, and it is a feature that Facebook actively promotes. However, the latest Facebook algorithms ensure that you’ll need to have highly targeted, relevant, and popular content in order to actually reach people. Even if those people have already expressed interest in what you’re promoting.

Simply put, not all people who Like your page will get to see your updates; in fact the percentage of those who do will be pretty small. This is why properly and enthusiastically promoting your page is so important: because Facebook actively works to limit the free traffic exposure you receive until you’ve proven that your content is actually popular with your page’s fans.

Don’t Reinvent the Wheel

In our last post, I stated that you should not copy your competitors’ ad strategy. A lot of the advice I’m going to present here may seem to fly in the face of that. However, your Facebook Page and your content are different. The advice I’m presenting here is not to copy your competitors, but instead to examine and learn from them. Essentially, you’re going to let them do your homework for you until you have the experience and data to do that homework for yourself.

Getting Your Facebook Page Design Right

Every niche has an industry standard in design for social media, brand appearance, and content strategy. This design philosophy helps prospects to recognize how your business fits into the landscape.

While setting yourself apart from the competition is important, if prospects can’t make heads or tails of your brand and Facebook Page, they’re not going to be prompted to Like it. It can be off-putting because it seems so different from the “industry standard”.

Your job, then, is to figure out what the “industry standard” is, and then come up with your own unique take on that standard.

Developing an Initial Content Strategy for Promoting your Facebook Page

Posting Content that Works

A lot of businesses post content – both on their blogs and on social media – that simply fails to land. It is a sad fact that nine times out of ten people simply wont click on, share, comment on, or otherwise engage with the content that most businesses post.

However, there is a way to tilt the odds a bit more in your favor: learn from your competitors. If your competitors keep sharing content regarding the same type of theme or topic, they may be on to something. 

Verify this by looking at how many Likes, comments, and shares those posts are getting. This will provide you with the objective proof you need that their content is actually resonating with your target audience. 

Content Curation

The idea of content curation is that you post, and sometimes host, content published by other creators while giving them proper attribution. Broadly speaking content curation creates a win-win situation. You are able to post high-quality, relevant content that resonates with your audience, and the publisher benefits from your links back to their site. 

Content curation is a great way to build up a lot of content quickly and generate a following. Once you’ve built up a large number of page likes, you can start sharing more of your own original content and generate traffic to your own website. 

Refining Your Posting Strategy

As you continue posting content week after week, watch your metrics and take note of the content that gets the most engagement. Which topics, post formats, and materials are getting the most likes, the most shares, or the most comments?

As you watch your metrics, it will become clear that certain types of content consistently outperforms other types. You can then begin focusing on the right content and phasing out content that doesn’t work.

Promoting Your Facebook Page

Call Your Fans to Action

The easiest and most obvious way to promote your page is to occasionally invite or incentivize your existing fans to invite their friends to like your page. 

This tends to be effective because, as the saying goes, “birds of a feather flock together”. That is, the primary reason that people have friends on social media is because they share roughly the same interests.

People who share similar interests tend to attract each other. By asking your fans to invite their friends, you are taking advantage of that social attraction. 

Tagging and Comments

Photo Tagging

The idea behind a photo tagging promotion is to incentivize your followers to tag their friends in photos that you’re going to post. The best part of this campaign is that, unless you explicitly decide otherwise, it’s completely free. Studies have shown that money offers are actually less effective with this campaign than offering something “free” but still valuable. 

Therefore, you can effectively incentivize your fans to tag their friends by offering a mention, or a free eBook, free software, or other free, valuable content in exchange for the tagging. 

The photos that you post during a photo tagging promotion must draw attention to your brand, your website, or your Facebook page. However, the photo also needs to be relevant to your fans and their friends. A promotion for free diapers will be more effective if young parents are tagged instead of elderly bridge players. 

User Comments

User comments are similar to photo tagging. In this incarnation, you incentivize your fans to tag their friends in comments made on your post content. Just like the photo tagging promotion, the content should be relevant and appropriately targeted.

Boosting Your Facebook Page Content

Use Insights

As you implement the above page-promotion strategies, you will begin to recognize variations and patterns in the engagement that you get on different types of posts. For example, you may find that you get much more engagement on posts that include pictures, or quotes, or info graphics. 

Facebook’s “Insights” is a robust audience profiling system, and  can help you recognize and take advantage of these patterns.

Boost Your Popular Posts

You can also use Facebook’s “Lookalike Audience” system to find people who are not currently fans of your page but share roughly the same interests as the people who are fans of your page. 

You can use this system to target demographics and interest-sets to get new viewers to your page which will lead to more Likes, and a larger audience for your content.

This is also a great preparatory step to take prior to running targeted ads.

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