Copy Writing and Infomercials: How to Tell a Better Story

copy writing

We All Hate Infomercials I used to hate infomercials. When I lamented that there’s “nothing on TV” infomercials were that “nothing”. They came on during the off-hours, and usually featured some annoyingly cheerful talking head. They had cheesy copy writing, and dubious products were shamelessly touted as “life changing”. Anything and everything could be yours … Read more

Web Design: Elements for Conversion

Web Design

Web Design Principles for Landing Pages When discussing web design – whether for your landing pages or your website – simplicity is key. Focus purely on the product or value that you’re offering while eliminating as many distractions as possible. I like this example for James Clear’s book Atomic Habits: This is a screenshot above … Read more

How can Healthcare Providers Maximize SEO?

Healthcare SEO

Get started with Search Engine Optimization (SEO) You’ve heard of SEO, but perhaps you’re not quite sure what it is or where to start. Onsite SEO techniques – which is what this post focuses on – helps to ensure that your future and present customers can easily find you online. This post will also cover … Read more

Understanding Your Online Sales Funnel

Online Sales Funnel

Understanding Online Sales Funnels An Online Sales Funnel is comprised of the various traffic-capture methods, landing pages, and follow-up mechanisms that you employ while trying to sell a product or service. The goal of any Online Sales Funnel is to capture traffic, move that traffic through the buying cycle stages, and complete a revenue-generating opportunity. … Read more