Customer Feedback: Your Key To Increased Revenue?

Customer Feedback

Last week we talked about Reputation Management, and I pounded into your head the fact that Reputation Management starts with great customer service, and collecting customer feedback. Today we’re going to dive deeper into that idea. We’ll talk about how customer relationships work, from a high level. Then we’re going to talk about how you … Read more

How to Build a 5-Star Reputation


Reputation management may sound like a big task. But if you’re already providing great service, then building a 5-star reputation is easier than you might think. And the benefits extend far beyond SEO…Let me share some quick data with you: 97% of customers look online for local businesses 82% of customers read online reviews before … Read more

When to Break the Rules in Online Marketing

Break the Rules

Knowing how and when to break the rules in online marketing is important. In online marketing, there are often three categories that businesses can fall into: Low Knowledge/Low Returns: Some businesses hesitantly invest in online marketing after performing a little bit of research. They get mediocre results. These people think of online marketing as being … Read more