Keeping your New Brand Consistent

Congratulations on creating a new brand. With the right mindset and effort, you can get it running to its full potential. The next thing to consider now is how to keep it at its full potential as consistently as possible. The more your brand keeps to a certain standard of satisfying customers to the fullest, the more customers would want to stay loyal. Besides, a consistent brand is also more likely to draw more attention on average. 

For these reasons, let us take a look at some things you can do as a new entrepreneur to keep your brand consistent.

Prioritize Your Customers

Many entrepreneurs focus mainly on making sales and delivering good quality products without considering that their customer relationship leads to more sales in the long run. If customers have some assurance that you would meet their needs whenever they come to you, you have created a customer loyalty level. After purchasing your products or receiving your services, many customers would have questions and suggestions and may even just want to inquire about your other products. If you take long to respond or you treat your customers like “just another customer”, you would lose them to brands that take them seriously. Everyone likes to feel special. Do your brand a favor by treating your customers special.

Use Consistent Colors

Colour psychology plays a vital role in keeping your brand consistent. You might not know this, but using the same colours of your logo on your info-graphics and website makes it easier for customers to remember your brand. The more unique the colour combination, the better for your brand. People tend to associate memories with the human senses. A certain colour or smell can trigger some memories, and you should use this to your advantage. All your content should contain your unique colours at all times. This would condition your customers to remember your brand whenever they see those colours. If you are not skilled at graphic design or colour psychology, you should work with free resources like LogoCreator to create some stunning visuals.

Raise your brand Voice

With a brand voice, you can evoke some emotions from your customers and even potential customers whenever your brand communicates with the public. No matter the niche your brand focuses on, you should make sure that your brand voice commands respect and attention. However, you cannot achieve this without putting in the effort. Your product quality has to be top-notch. Your customers’ satisfaction ratings should be high on the charts. This creates a powerful voice for your brand so that you easily get attention and make sales even immediately after launching a new product.

Consistent Quality

This is a very important part of any business that no entrepreneur can ignore. If your products are not up to standard or are developing faults more frequently than the competition, you might lose more customers than you might imagine. Losing customers over product quality might cause you to lose in the long run because customers might not consider ever purchasing your products again. So, in order to last, you have to stay consistent by producing only good quality products and rendering top-notch services. In time, you might even raise the standard and become the hallmark of quality in that niche.


Brand consistency is a fail safe way to keep your brand afloat in both the short and long run. Customers would begin to associate some quality level to your brand, which would build customer loyalty. As long as you maintain those standards, you should be fine.

About the Author

This post was guest-authored by the brilliant Jody Phillips.

Jody has worked in the fields of graphic design, advertising and writing. She enjoys freelance writing because it gives her an outlet to share her insights on topics like branding for small businesses. When she’s not working she’s either performing with her band or painting.