Do You Wish Google Would Actually Show Your Business? “Google My Business” Can Help

Google My Business

Are You a Local Business Owner Who’s Struggled to Gain Traction Online? Google My Business (GMB) is an often-overlooked, but powerful tool for local businesses. If you’ve been struggling to gain traction online; if you’ve tried SEO, Social Media Marketing, Facebook Ads, etc. and you’re still not getting a steady flow of new customers, Google … Read more

Copy Writing and Infomercials: How to Tell a Better Story

copy writing

We All Hate Infomercials I used to hate infomercials. When I lamented that there’s “nothing on TV” infomercials were that “nothing”. They came on during the off-hours, and usually featured some annoyingly cheerful talking head. They had cheesy copy writing, and dubious products were shamelessly touted as “life changing”. Anything and everything could be yours … Read more

Why You Should Be Happy to Get a Negative Review

Negative Review

The Dread of Receiving a Negative Review Maybe this has happened to you: you check your email and there’s a bomb in your inbox. A negative review from an unhappy client. Your heart drops as you open the message and begin to read. If you’re lucky, it’s just a misunderstanding. You can reach out to … Read more

Cicadas and Overlooked Opportunity


An Inconvenience? This past summer I took the opportunity to go on a lazy road trip with my oldest and closest friend. It was a back-road tour of Appalachia. Having spent most of my life in the Pacific North West and the Rocky Mountains, this was quite an adventure. It was a circular route. We … Read more