Online Sales Funnels: A Guide for I.T. Service Companies and MSPs

What Does YOUR Online Sales Funnel Look Like?

If you’re not using an Online Sales Funnel, then finding new clients can be difficult. Perhaps, if you’re lucky, you have a few sales reps that are going out and trying to sell your services. If you’re not lucky, you may be stuck cold-calling, or even going door-to-door in your local business park. Maybe you’ve … Read more

Do You Wish Google Would Actually Show Your Business? “Google My Business” Can Help

Google My Business

Are You a Local Business Owner Who’s Struggled to Gain Traction Online? Google My Business (GMB) is an often-overlooked, but powerful tool for local businesses. If you’ve been struggling to gain traction online; if you’ve tried SEO, Social Media Marketing, Facebook Ads, etc. and you’re still not getting a steady flow of new customers, Google … Read more

Copy Writing and Infomercials: How to Tell a Better Story

copy writing

We All Hate Infomercials I used to hate infomercials. When I lamented that there’s “nothing on TV” infomercials were that “nothing”. They came on during the off-hours, and usually featured some annoyingly cheerful talking head. They had cheesy copy writing, and dubious products were shamelessly touted as “life changing”. Anything and everything could be yours … Read more

Why You Should Be Happy to Get a Negative Review

Negative Review

The Dread of Receiving a Negative Review Maybe this has happened to you: you check your email and there’s a bomb in your inbox. A negative review from an unhappy client. Your heart drops as you open the message and begin to read. If you’re lucky, it’s just a misunderstanding. You can reach out to … Read more

Cicadas and Overlooked Opportunity


An Inconvenience? This past summer I took the opportunity to go on a lazy road trip with my oldest and closest friend. It was a back-road tour of Appalachia. Having spent most of my life in the Pacific North West and the Rocky Mountains, this was quite an adventure. It was a circular route. We … Read more

Social Media Tagging: Growing Your Connections

Social Media Tagging

What Is Tagging? Social Media tagging allow users to engage with one another and with business or organizational accounts. When you tag someone on many Social Media platforms, the person (or business) that you tag is notified – guaranteeing, to some extent, that whoever you tag will see your post. When Should You Tag People? … Read more

Social Media Content Marketing

Social Media Content Marketing

Social Media and Content Can sharing content on social media provide real world leads? The kind of concrete leads that actually have revenue generating potential? It may seem like a question with an obvious answer. But I don’t think that’s the case. Almost anyone with a small business uses social media to some extent or … Read more