Risk Management for IT Leaders

Risk management

Originally published on https://www.chadl.org/risk/ Risk management is an essential element to any IT strategy. Once, when I was but a wee IT Professional, I visited the company data center to perform some standard maintenance on one of the servers. In preparation, I brought over the “crash cart”. It was a standard crash cart with a … Read more

Crafting An Instagram Content Strategy

Instagram Content Strategy

A Long Term vs. Short Term Instagram Content Strategy Instagram is a platform based on sharing. It lends itself well to attributed sharing and upgrading of content. With that in mind, a good Instagram content strategy has two elements: a short-term strategy and a long term strategy.  A good long-term Instagram content strategy is based … Read more

Instagram Marketing in 6 Easy Steps

instagram marketing

Why Instagram Marketing is Such a Big Opportunity Instagram’s Reach Instagram marketing represents a massive opportunity for small and medium sized businesses. Instagram has much in common with Facebook. Facebook boasts about 1.3 Billion users, while Instagram just passed the 1 Billion user mark in June 2018 – roughly two years prior to publication of … Read more